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Zuki Imports, LLC

www.ZukiImports.com & www.ZukiOutdoors.com

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Zuki Imports, LLC operates two online stores: www.ZukiImports.com.com and www.ZukiOutdoors.com.com
we are committed to bringing you a unique collection of stunning hand-crafted Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Earrings, Large Gauge Jewelry, Natural Body Jewelry, Art, Hand Crafts & Framed Insects. All of our pieces are carefully selected with attention to quality and detail.
We are proud to present items that are created by artisans from around the world who are highly skilled and show a one-of-a-kind style, rather than falling off the assembly line of mass production.
To bring you the best and save you money, Zuki Imports cuts out middle men and goes straight to the source whenever possible, to personally select pieces we're sure you'll love and appreciate for their extraordinary style and great value.

Check out our new online store at www.ZukiOutdoors.com - Innovative & earth-friendly outdoor gear, travel accessories and emergency preparedness supplies!

Zuki Imports, LLC is based in Utah. We are a husband-wife team. Our roots are in the high desert mountains of Utah, U.S.A. and the tropical island beaches of Terengganu, Malaysia.
Dawna: Owner/Operator, Web Master, Customer Service, Importer
Azmie: Owner/Operator, Photographer, Order Fulfillment, Translator, Importer

Check out our photo and travel blog web site at www.AdventureWorldTravel.com.

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